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Commercial Construction Program

Why Spray Foam Partners Commercial Construction Program?

There are many obstacles when it comes to bidding, estimating, submittals, AIA/CSI specifications, progressive billing, retainage, prevailing wage processing, and most of all, floating the cost of material until you receive payment from the GC.

No need to navigate these challenges aloneā€¦you have a Spray Foam Partner.

We Provide Direction

Spray Foam Partners will assist with procuring commercial construction work by providing directions on bidding and submittals.

For an extensive overview, contact us about attending our next Commercial Construction training at our spray foam academy training center.

A Joint Check Agreement for Commercial Construction

Spray Foam Partners will work with you on those large commercial projects where are the cost of material could be large and payments from the GC could be slow. SFP works with you to sign a joint check agreement with the GC/owner which would take the short term financial liability (floating the cost of material) off of your plate and places it on ours.

Help With AIA Presentations

Our support team will provide an accredited AIA lunch and learn presentation. You would need to identify the Architectural firm, coordinate the date and time of the presentation, and participate after the presentation to answer pricing and scheduling concerns. SFP will present the AIA presentation and process the corresponding AIA continuing education credits.

We understand the challenges of engaging in the commercial construction field and we will partner with you to navigate these challenges.