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Homebuilders Code Compliance

How Can Our Homebuilders Program Help?

Navigating the world of residential new construction can be a major challenge. You can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing you now have a Spray Foam Partner!

The Spray Foam Partners support team will assist you in presenting a builders presentation to train them on the benefits of using spray foam insulation which drives sales.

Presentations can be arranged through Local Builders’ Associations or directly with the Building Construction Groups.

Once a builder understands all the benefits of installing spray foam, benefits to the homeowners, and benefits to the builder, they will adopt spray foam as their first choice and direct all business to you.

We also help by providing an outline/guide to making a new construction residential sale.

Homebuilders Code Compliance Tool

The Spray Foam Partners support team will assist you with code compliance. In association with Energy Modeling Agency (EMA), you will have access to an EMA comparison report which will show the builder/homeowner just how much more efficient their new home will be when using Spray Foam versus fiberglass.

This is an excellent selling tool. We promise a 30 day ROI. This will show your customer/builder that Spray Foam is a TRUE investment…not an additional cost.

You will have access to the EMA code compliance reports which will guarantee code compliance while installing  R-13 spray foam in walls and R-20 spray foam in the attic. Installing less spray foam will help you be more price competitive – which will enable you to close more sales.

You will receive a code compliance packet that can easily be passed along to the code official. By handling code compliance, the builder will have no reason to say no to Spray Foam.

To help with the process of selling to a new construction residential home buyer or a builder, you will have access to an EMA customized PowerPoint presentation so that you can use as a sales tool or print to provide a professional proposal.

Loyal customers will receive PARTNERSMART credits from every set of Spray Foam purchased which can be used to pay for the EMA Energy Code Compliance certifications. Enroll in the PARTNERSMART program now!

More About EMA

Energy Modeling Agency will provide many benefits to you as a SprayFoam partner, but what exactly is EMA? Watch the video below to learn more.